The Basic of its all ... MARITIME PHILOSOPHY

Our internal attitude is transferring to our external behavior - how we behave internally among ourselves we behave towards our customers

We’re having a flat hierarchy and everyone is involved in important decisions and is also free to decide things on his own. This makes everybody enjoying the job and feeling responsible for the company.

The friendly and courtesy atmosphere amongst the colleagues is transferred to our handling with our clients.

Everyone is intended to clearly understand our customer’s business and having a sense of responsibility for it. It's always a personal related business that's why we're treating it personal.

Each client has one contact person who's responsible for all questions and matters.


Foundation: 1996 MARITIME Cargo Logistics GmbH Hamburg / Germany
Foundation: 1998 MARITIME Cargo Logistics Eesti Tallinn / Estonia
Foundation: 2003 TCi The Connextion International GmbH Hamburg / Germany
Foundation: 2008 MSS MARITIME Service GmbH Hamburg / Germany
Foundation: 2008 ( Hamburg / Germany
Foundation: 2008 MWH ADMINISTRATION GmbH Hamburg / Germany
Foundation: 2010 MWH MARITIME WAREHOUSE GmbH Hamburg / Germany
Foundation: 2014 INMARIS MARITIME GmbH Hamburg / Germany
Foundation: 2015 MARITIME Cargo Logistics GmbH Kiel / Germany